June 2024

Summer is here and what a summer it is!
Here is what we have at our Terrace in June, please come:

1.6. sat Grand Opening:
Dj Laurence Guy (UK)
Dj A. Myllykoski
Dj Mihut
Vj Random Doctors


5.6. wed Afters
Live: Jami Faltin
Dj Mary Young

6.6. thu Grotesk Live
Live: Faarao Pirttikangas & Nubialaiset
Dj A. Myllykoski
Vj Harmaa

7.6. fri Italo Heat
DJ Maria Wesander
DJ Tero Männikkö
DJ Ben Bostik
VJ Veronika Välke

8.6. sat
DJ Newhouse


12.6. wed Afters
Live: Younghearted
Dj Matic & Trisector

13.6. thu Grotesk Live
Live: The Stance Brothers
Dj Hiihtopipo
Vj Oka

14.6. fri Grotesk Plus
DJ Fouk (NL)
DJ A. Myllykoski
DJ Mihut Naita
Vj Oka

15.6. sat
DJ Empath


19.6. wed Afters
Live: Jaakko Kulta & Pedro
Dj Tony Siren

20.6. thu CLOSED

21.6. fri CLOSED

22.6. sat CLOSED


26.6. wed Afters
Live: Ahti
Dj Marju

27.6 thu Grotesk Live
Live: Dub Vallila feat. Emilia Sisco
DJ A. Myllykoski
Vj Xana

28.6. fri
DJ Roberto Rodriguez

29.6. sat
DJ Victoria

Gigs 2024

May 2024

3.5. fri Mihut Naita
4.5. sat Marju

10.5. fri Galactic Mace
11.5. sat Mary Young

17.5. fri Roberto Rodriguez
18.5. sat Newhouse

24.5. fri A. Myllykoski
25.5. sat Empath

31.5. fri Tony Siren


and spring is here. We will still be inside for a while though. DJ-list is below

5.4. fri A. Myllykoski

6.4. sat Marju

12.4. fri Mikko Matlar


Cocktail Bar

  • A.Myllykoski

Upper Club

  • Roberto Rodriguez 
  • Random Doctors

19.4. fri Galactic Mace

20.4. sat Newhouse 

26.4. fri Tony Siren

27.4. sat Mihut Naita 

30.4. tue MAY DAY EVE

Cocktail Bar

  • Trisector / Oka

Upper Club

  • A. Myllykoski

March 2024

The days are getting longer and it is almost spring.

Our line up for March:

1.3. fri Toimi Tytti

2.3. sat Galactic Mace


8.3. fri A. Myllykoski

9.3. sat Mary Young


15.3. fri Serenades - Roberto Rodriguez

16.3. sat FULL HOUSE PARTY 16-03

Cocktail Bar

  • Newhouse

Upper club

  • Disco Volante
  • DJ Tero Männikkö
  • DJ Alec Sibbald
  • VJ Random Doctors


22.3. fri Tony Siren

23.3. sat Marju


29.3. fri Empath

30.3. sat A. Myllykoski

February 2024 line up

Short and sweet:

2.2. Fri Émotsiya - Katerina 

3.2. Sat Galactic Mace 

9.2. Fri Marju

10.2. Sat FULL HOUSE PARTY 18-03

Upper Club:

DJ A. Myllykoski

VJ Random Doctors

Cocktail Bar:

DJ Mihut

16.2.Fri Plus - A. Myllykoski

17.2. Sat Serenades - Roberto Rodriguez 

23.2. Fri Mary Young

24.2. Sat Newhouse

See you!

January 2024

Happy New Year!

January line up:

12.1. fri Mary Young 

13.1. sat Émotsiya - Katerina 

19.1. fri Plus - A. Myllykoski

20.1. sat Serenades - Roberto Rodriguez 

26.1. fri Newhouse

27.1. sat Marju

Come and have fun in our warm and cosy bar

Last days of year 2023

Grotesk staff will be on Christmas vacation from Saturday 23rd until Friday 29th and then it will be huge celebration:

G invites every good soul and night owl to come and carouse until early hours at ours this upcoming NYE long-weekend. To drink plentiful amounts of your favourite drinks and enjoy ourselves with others in a perfectly noisy, flirty and lovely surroundings. 🪩

Ground fl. bar is hosting on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th. A full guns blazing type of Full House Party NYE Edition is thrown on New Year’s Sunday 31st.

👉 FRI 29th
Ground Fl. Bar
Open 21-03
DJ: Tony Sirén 21-2:30 👏

👉 SAT 30th
Ground Fl. Bar
Open 18-03
DJ: Newhouse 21-2:30 👏

👉 SUN 31st
Open 19-3:30

Ground Fl. Bar
Open: 19-3:30
DJ: A. Myllykoski 21-03 👏

Upper Club
Open: 22-3:30
DJ: Matic 22-03 👏

Entry via Ludviginkatu 10/Erottajankatu 13 (fr. 22)
Entry 11€ at the door past 22 o’clock
Bookings and enquiries:

So, hope to see you beautiful lot at our house dancing along to our disc jockeys and us working until early hours all weekend long. 🫶


Year 2023 is coming to an end. Winter has come. Grotesk will serve warm drinks and our DJ:s will keep the athmospere hot:

1.12. fri Émotsiya - Katerina

2.12. sat Oltermann / Galactic Mace

5.12. tue Mikko Matlar

7.12. thu Disco Volante - Tero Männikkö & Alec Sibbald

8.12. fri Mary Young  / Toimi Tytti

9.12. sat Grotesk Plus - A. Myllykoski

14.12. thu Club Anvil - Avalon

15.12. fri Empath / A. Myllykoski 

16.12. sat Serenades - Roberto Rodriguez / Heidi Emilia

21.12. thu Helsinki Synth City 

LIVE: Levinsky 

Benjamin Risto Uno

22.12. fri Tm Shuffle

29.12. fri Tony Siren

30.12. sat Newhouse 

31.12. sun A. Myllykoski / Matic


Buds and chums, we have officially entered club season! Here’s the deal and top news:
Full House Party shinanigans will be thrown more than just once a month, going forward more or less every weekend with some special Fridays and long weekends. Here’s are the dates:
🪩 SAT Nov 18th 17-03
🪩 FRI Nov 24th 18-03
🪩 SAT Nov 25th 17-03
🪩 SAT Dec 2nd 17-03
🪩 FRI Dec 8th 18-03
🪩 FRI Dec 15th 18-03
🪩 SAT Dec 16th 17-03
Entry via Ludviginkatu 10 or Erottajankatu 13
11€ past 22:00
Upper club is opening 22:00 each night
Want a table? Drop us an email at 🫶

Black Gold at Grotesk

Black Gold Record Fair on Saturday 11.11.2023 between 14-18 at Grotesk Upper Club (second floor).
Vinyls from genres like: jazz, soul, funk, latin, afro, world, dub, disco, balearic, house, techno, jungle, hip-hop, ambient, experimental available and lots of more.
Helmi Levyt - Arwi Lind
Signature Dark - Aleksi Myllykoski
Vuo Records - Jukka Hänninen
HPTY Records - Jaako Hurme
Elossa - Marc Fred & Andras Nadasi
EABE Records - Pirkka Esko
Roberto Rodriguez
Vesa Yli-Pelkonen
Markus ”Galactic Mace” Karlqvist
Leo ”Fiskars” Karhunen
Mikko ”Miky Mau” Kuiri & Aapo ”Lovroc” Markkula
Karri ”Paleface” Miettinen
Lucaz Sawicki
Sampsa Vilhunen
Mikko Matlar
Pate Punis
Timjam Uddström
Samuli Kemppi
Straight Up Breakbeat - Juha "Dizzy" Ponteva
Esa Juhani Ruoho
Leena "YLE - Tiistain tanssi-ilta” Lehtinen
Otto Talvio
Erkko Lehtinen
Welcome to do some mighty fine golden vinyl findings and enjoying great cockails!
Erottajankatu 13
(Terrace entrance, upstairs)